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Need help with developing your business marketing plans or health education? Then you have come to the right place. Nurse Charms in Southfield, Michigan is here to help you with your health and entrepreneurial consultation needs. Are you on Facebook? If so, please join my Facebook Group for breaking Health News.

Each day I give the latest health news, health tips, health advice, share medical and nursing-related articles and my hopes are that all of us will keep health and wellness on the forefront of our minds.

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Health Coaching

Are you EATING what is BEST for the HEALTH of your HEART?

READ THE NUTRITION LABEL (NOT the fancy marketing pictures) and GET INFORMED so that you understand WHERE the CALORIES COME FROM BEFORE you consume each meal.

Let’s talk about sodium (table salt):


Most people CONSUME TOO HIGH so let’s focus on THAT!


♥ 2 Main Reasons the Body Needs Sodium 

  1. To ensure that our nervous system can transmit electrical impulses properly so our muscles can contract
  2. To help our kidneys regulate blood pressure

Now GUESS WHAT? Our bodies can perform these functions with AS LITTLE AS 1,500mg of SODIUM!!! So that means we must REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF SALT THAT we EAT by remembering to CONSUME foods with LESS THAN 140mg of SODIUM per serving... 350 or MORE is TOO HIGH!

To help you REMEMBER the HIDDEN SALTS, think of them as COLORS:

  • WHITE SALT – Table Salt
  • BLACK SALT – Soy Sauce
  • RED SALT – Ketchup
  • YELLOW SALT – Mustard
  • PINK SALT – Delicatessen Meats
  • GREEN SALT – Pickles
  • BROWN SALT – Soups and Gravies

Remember.... “EIGHT”

8- Drink EIGHT Glasses (of 8 ounces) of WATER each day

8- Get EIGHT Hours of SLEEP each day

Make time for Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Relaxation, and Sleep.

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